Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Retired Traveler Returns

Hello and welcome back to my leave of absence (LOA) from my Creative Studio.

It's been approximately  1.5 years since my last post on my blog here at Cottage Life.

Life has presented many changes and experiences during my LOA and I have decided to hop back in say hello and that I am continuing  to experience the Journey of Life.  Extended family changes have kept me occupied and traveling the globe with my husband has brought new experiences meeting people who have enriched our lives.

The Coronavirus Pandemic announcement of March 11, 2020 brought us home early from our travels on March 21st and after our 14 day travel quarantine we here in North America are making a difference around our homes as spring arrives.  The staying home campaign, keeping us safe will allow us to achieving goals around the home that will provide our family lots of satisfaction.

Wishing everyone Health and happiness while staying home safe.


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