Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Coast to Coast Events

Hello I wish to share a great event with my readers today.  Check it out.

  USA artist's make note of this opportunity.

Organizer, Audrey DeJong has a team of staff who share the love of our fine art industry and I had the opportunity to experience the dedication that  Audrey gives to this community when she hosts 
the Coast to Coast Events.  ( ).

Coast to Coast had a show in April 2014 held at the Holiday Inn in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  
I had the pleasure to represent Powertex products to the attendees of the show.  

Brigette Thompson and her husband are the Canadian Distributors of Powertex Canada, based out of Sudbury, Ontario Canada. 

I had the joy of introducing artist to Powertex and even had returning artist from Buffalo NewYork, USA attend the Toronto April 2014 show for the second time.

Nancy Donaldson and I  presented two demonstration to showcase the product to visitors who attended the Coast to Coast show.  

 Powertex is a liquid medium that is a fabric hardener that is highly versatile that makes most porous surfaces hard and weather resistant. This amazing product gives form and structure to cloth, paper, wood, gauze, cardboard and more.

I demonstrated how simple a 100% cotton T-shirt piece, once dipped into Bronze Powertex, can have the appearance of  a leather bound scrapbook.  My photo above is the result of manipulating the T-shirt while wet.  Thoroughly drying the sample overnight and adding copper highlights with paint the next day.

Those fortunate enough to travel, there are 2 more shows scheduled for 2014.  

One in London Ontario Canada.  This location is about an 1.5 hour drive from the Port Huron, Michigan, USA border.    Check out the C2C website and register to attend this 
August 6-9, 2014 show now.

Nancy will be an instructor at the London, Ontario, Canada show. (Jewelry)

The other show is in Leduc, Alberta, Canada.  Scheduled for September 24-28, 2014.

Join the Powertex community by visiting the Canadian blog.
Plan to attend 
Coast to Coast

 There are many creative instructional artists at each of the shows scheduled later this year.  Be sure to check out the website and plan a trip to visit the area as well as attend the Coast to Coast show.

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