Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome to Where Bloggers Create 2013

This weekend is the beginning of a open house tour of where creative bloggers create.  All of you have been to garden tour's in your local city or heritage homes decorated for christmas a fund raisers, well this is an open house tour of artistic creative designers.  Owner Karen Valentine, sweet designer is hosting this party tour, so let her know that Ava sent you over to visit My Desert Cottage.

This I believe is going to be a huge trend that is just gathering momentum, so stay tuned its going to be a wonderful journey.

Welcome to Where bloggers Create and settle in with your favorite beverage, snack, journal book and pen, as you will want to take notes and bookmark a whole night away enjoying the tour.  Look for the long list of artist on the right hand sidebar about half way down the page, just below this logo remember get cozy.  I have been following Suzy for a while now and every time i visit her blog I get taken back in time and wish I could be an elf living in her closet so that when the light get turned out the room is mine till morning light.

Take the tour, just  visit a few artist and come back and tell me who you like.  Let Suzy know I sent you over to visit her in Australia.


  1. Thank You for your visit Ava, and for leaving such kind comments. I am happy to hear your little house is progressing too. I have had my dear granddaughter {8yrs} with me for the weekend, and she is helping and chatters about all the fun things there will be to do in the 'Playhouse' when it is done. She is a trooper, some of the work is boring, but she is a terrific little helper. Keep smiling and creating. I am off to visit your friend in Australia now !!

  2. Ava thank you for visit and sweet comment, I have known Suzy for some years now and as you I also love to visiting her, Ava you have a beautiful blog and I enjoyed to see some of your creative work.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog/studio and for your kind words about my art and wallpaper.