Monday, December 2, 2013

Helmar Adhesive Wintertime

Welcome to the season of Skating, Snowflakes and Hot Coco.  To-day, I would like to share a pin inspired project showcasing the perfect glue for this fun project.  Helmar Craft and Hobby PVA glue is the perfect glue for making fun glitter snowflakes that you can hang in the windows as a home decor item.

If you missed team mate Sandee's  fabulous Helmar project on October 30th, check it out HERE.  Sandee's Halloween project really impressed me so much, I wanted to try out her techniques for my WINTER project.

The first step to this project is finding a snowflake sketch or template.  I choose to search Google Images for a snowflake template to print.  Sized a few different templates, printed and taped my parchment paper over the printed templates.

Be sure that you look at your glued snowflake skeleton and see that the branches of your snowflake are full and plump.  Skinny glue branches on your snowflake result in a failed project, so look closely before you apply the glitter.
I tested the project and I found that the Helmar Craft and  Hobby PVA glue was the best choice for achieving a continuous thick line of glue for a sturdy skeleton snowflake after the glitter was applied and dried over night.

Apply your favorite glitter, dry (overnight) and gently peel away the snowflake skeleton from the parchment paper.

 After testing the peel away step, i found if you roll the parchment paper away from the dried glued skeleton snowflake, it came off easily.  Spray outside, the Helmar Crystal Kote Gloss Varnish to hold the glitter.

This project would be great for a SNOW DAY, to keep the kids busy.  A bonding  project for grandparents and grandchildren.

Imagine the possibilities of this Helmar Craft and Hobby PVA glue.  Each season you could come up with a craft for each themed event.  ie:  New Year, Valentines, St. Patrick, Easter, its endless and all from the best glue-- Helmar, Craft and Hobby PVA glue .

Add Helmar Craft and Hobby Glue to someone's Christmas stocking this year  !!!
Possible snowflake decorating suggestions.
Gift embellishment
Mirror embellishment
Tree decorations

Helmar   Craft and Hobby PVA glue 
Helmar  Crystal Kote Gloss Varnish
Glitter    Parchment paper
Snowflake template


  1. so very pretty the sparkle!

  2. Very cool idea, will have to get some Helmar glue and try this with the kids!